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  1. 0. Video de Bienvenida
  2. 1. Materiales y texturas
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  3. 2. Sentimientos y emociones
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  4. 3. Verbo To Get
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  5. 4. Rasgos de personalidad
  6. 5. Lista de verbos
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  7. 6. Más verbos frasales
  8. 7. Entonces – Ninguno
  9. 8. Superlativos
  10. 9. Algunos – Cualquiera
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  11. 10. Palabras relacionadas
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  12. 11. As Vs Like
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  13. 12. Expresiones comunes
  14. 13. Preposiciones de lugar
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  15. 14. El orden de los adjetivos
  16. 15. Nunca Vs Siempre
  17. 16. Alimentos e ingredientes
  18. 17. Voz pasiva
  19. 18. Cómo utilizar Even
  20. 19. Las divisiones geográficas y el Gobierno
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  21. 20. Ejercicio de comprensión lectora
  22. 21. Cómo utilizar Just
  23. 22. Frases impersonales
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  24. 23. Entonces – Porque
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  25. 25. Adverbios de lugar
  26. 26. El Universo
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  27. 27. Cómo utilizar Pero
  28. 28. Etiqueta Preguntas
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  29. 29. O – O
  30. 30. Almacenes, edificios y viviendas
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  31. 31. Adverbios de grado
  32. 32. Formas de asesoramiento
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  33. 33. Comparativos as – as
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  34. 33. Verbo Usar
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  35. 34. Condicionales
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  36. 35. Conectores
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  37. 36. Sustantivos en plural
  38. 37. Atención al cliente
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Cuestionario 7 of 22

Related Words

Read the following passages and answer the questions correctly: 

Passage A:
Soccer, also known as football in many countries, is one of the most popular and beloved sports worldwide. With a rich history dating back centuries, it has captured the hearts of millions of fans and players alike. The game’s simplicity, where the primary objective is to score goals by kicking a ball into the opponent’s net, has contributed to its global appeal.

Originating in England in the 19th century, soccer quickly spread across the globe, becoming a sport that transcends borders, languages, and cultures. Today, it is played and watched in almost every corner of the world, from small neighborhood fields to massive stadiums hosting major international tournaments.

The sport’s competitiveness and the beauty of skillful plays have mesmerized audiences for decades. It fosters teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship among players, making it not only a thrilling spectacle but also an excellent medium for building character.

Passage B: 

Soccer has undergone significant transformations in the past 50 years, shaping it into the modern sport we know today. Technological advancements, tactical innovations, and changes in player fitness have all contributed to its evolution.

One of the most notable changes is the introduction of video technology to assist referees in making critical decisions during matches. The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system, implemented in recent years, helps ensure fair play and reduce controversies in crucial moments of the game.

Tactically, soccer has seen a shift towards more strategic and possession-based playstyles. Teams now emphasize ball retention and build-up play, aiming for control and precision rather than simply long balls and physicality.

Player fitness and training methods have also progressed significantly. Modern players are faster, stronger, and better prepared physically than ever before. Sports science and data analysis play a crucial role in optimizing player performance and preventing injuries.

Moreover, soccer has become more inclusive, with increased opportunities for women’s soccer at both club and international levels. The Women’s World Cup has gained immense popularity, showcasing the skill and talent of female players on the global stage.

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