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  1. 0. Video de Bienvenida
  2. 1. Cómo expresar posesión
  3. 2. Auxiliar Would
  4. 3. La cocina
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  5. 4. Los animales
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  6. 5. La naturaleza
  7. 6. Wh Preguntas
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  8. 7. Países y nacionalidades
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  9. 8. Auxiliar Debe
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  10. 9. Adverbios de frecuencia
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  11. 10. El Hospital
  12. 11. Comprensión lectora – Abraham Lincoln
  13. 12. Términos matemáticos
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  14. 13. La Oficina
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  15. 14. Lista de Adjetivos
  16. 15. Auxiliar Debe
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  17. 16. Internet
  18. 17. Auxiliar Mayo
  19. 18. Poder auxiliar
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  20. 19. Frases cotidianas
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  21. 20. Caracteres especiales
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  22. 21. Tráfico
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  23. 22. Comprensión lectora – Fijación de objetivos
  24. 23. Adverbios de tiempo
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  25. 24. Lista de Verbos
  26. 25. Futuro Perfecto
  27. 26. Preposiciones de tiempo
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  28. 27. Finanzas personales
  29. 28. Pasado Perfecto
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  30. 29. 29. Vocabulario en diferentes niveles
  31. 30. Uso de la palabra Mean
  32. 31. Cómo usar Rather
  33. 32. Cómo usar Actually
  34. 33. Futuro Progresivo
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  35. 34. Adverbios de Modo
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  36. 35. Presente Perfecto Continuo
Cuestionario 19 of 23

Reading comprehension. Read the dialog and answer the questions

My medical appointment

Patient: Good morning! I’d like to schedule a medical appointment, please.

Secretary: Good morning! Of course, I’d be happy to help you with that. Can you please provide me with your name and date of birth?

Patient: My name is Sarah Johnson, and my date of birth is July 15, 1990.

Secretary: Thank you, Sarah. How can I assist you today? Are you experiencing any specific symptoms, or is this a general check-up?

Patient: I’ve been having persistent headaches and occasional dizziness, so I think it’s best to have it checked out by the doctor.

Secretary: I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing those symptoms. Let me check the doctor’s schedule to find the earliest available appointment for you. How about next Wednesday at 10:30 AM?

Patient: Wednesday at 10:30 AM works for me. Please, go ahead and schedule the appointment.

Secretary: Great! I’ve booked you in for a consultation with Dr. Smith on Wednesday, July 31st, at 10:30 AM. Just to confirm, your contact number is 555-123-4567, correct?

Patient: Yes, that’s correct.

Secretary: Perfect! Dr. Smith’s office is located at 123 Main Street. When you arrive, please check-in at the front desk, and they’ll guide you from there.

Patient: Thank you for the information. Before I go, could you please let me know if there’s anything I should bring or prepare for the appointment?

Secretary: You’re welcome, Sarah! For your appointment, please bring any relevant medical records or test results related to your symptoms. Also, have your insurance information handy, and arrive a few minutes early to complete any necessary paperwork.

Patient: Got it. I’ll make sure to gather all the necessary documents. Thank you for your help!

Secretary: You’re welcome! If you have any other questions or need further assistance, feel free to call us. Take care, and we’ll see you next Wednesday.

Patient: Thank you! Have a great day!

Secretary: You too, Sarah. Goodbye!

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