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Read the following passages and answer the questions correctly:

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Read the following passages and answer the questions correctly:

Passage 1: The Berlin Wall, a stark symbol of division and ideological conflict, stood as a physical manifestation of the Cold War’s tensions. Erected in 1961, it separated East and West Berlin, effectively dividing families, friends, and cultures. The wall was heavily fortified with barbed wire, guard towers, and a no-man’s land, making any crossing attempts perilous. Those who attempted to breach the wall faced dire consequences, including imprisonment or even death. This grim barrier remained a powerful testament to the struggle for freedom and reunification until its eventual fall in 1989, marking a pivotal moment in history.

Passage 2: Amidst the backdrop of Cold War animosity, the Berlin Wall came to represent the profound differences between two conflicting ideologies. The construction of the wall was a direct result of the escalating tensions between the communist East and the democratic West. Families were torn apart, unable to freely communicate or visit each other, as the wall created an insurmountable barrier. The fall of the wall in 1989, prompted by mass protests and a changing political landscape, led to jubilant scenes of people dismantling sections of the wall with their bare hands. This event not only signified the end of an era but also embodied the power of unity and the desire for a world without walls.

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