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  1. 0. Video de Bienvenida
  2. 1. Cómo expresar posesión
  3. 2. Auxiliar Would
  4. 3. La cocina
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  5. 4. Los animales
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  6. 5. La naturaleza
  7. 6. Wh Preguntas
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  8. 7. Países y nacionalidades
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  9. 8. Auxiliar Debe
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  10. 9. Adverbios de frecuencia
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  11. 10. El Hospital
  12. 11. Comprensión lectora – Abraham Lincoln
  13. 12. Términos matemáticos
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  14. 13. La Oficina
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  15. 14. Lista de Adjetivos
  16. 15. Auxiliar Debe
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  17. 16. Internet
  18. 17. Auxiliar Mayo
  19. 18. Poder auxiliar
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  20. 19. Frases cotidianas
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  21. 20. Caracteres especiales
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  22. 21. Tráfico
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  23. 22. Comprensión lectora – Fijación de objetivos
  24. 23. Adverbios de tiempo
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  25. 24. Lista de Verbos
  26. 25. Futuro Perfecto
  27. 26. Preposiciones de tiempo
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  28. 27. Finanzas personales
  29. 28. Pasado Perfecto
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  30. 29. 29. Vocabulario en diferentes niveles
  31. 30. Uso de la palabra Mean
  32. 31. Cómo usar Rather
  33. 32. Cómo usar Actually
  34. 33. Futuro Progresivo
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  35. 34. Adverbios de Modo
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  36. 35. Presente Perfecto Continuo
Cuestionario 21 of 23

Read the following dialogue and answer the questions.

At the Hospital

Patient: Good morning, Doctor. I have an appointment today for my annual check-up.

Doctor: Good morning! Yes, I see your appointment here. Welcome back. How have you been feeling lately?

Patient: Thank you. Overall, I’ve been doing fine, but I have been experiencing occasional headaches and feeling a bit fatigued.

Doctor: I see. Let’s discuss those symptoms in more detail. How often do you experience the headaches, and where do you feel them?

Patient: The headaches come and go, maybe once or twice a week. They are usually on the sides of my head, and they can last for a few hours.

Doctor: And the fatigue, is it something recent, or has it been going on for a while?

Patient: I’d say it’s been going on for a few weeks. I’ve been getting enough sleep, but I still feel tired during the day.

Doctor: I see. Thank you for sharing that information. Have you noticed any other changes in your health, like changes in appetite or weight?

Patient: No, my appetite seems normal, and my weight has been stable.

Doctor: Alright. Since you’re here for your annual check-up, we’ll do a thorough examination to assess your overall health. We’ll also order some blood tests to check for any underlying issues related to your headaches and fatigue.

Patient: Sounds good. I just want to make sure everything is okay.

Doctor: That’s understandable. Prevention and early detection are essential for maintaining good health. Now, let’s check your blood pressure and heart rate.

(Doctor proceeds with the examination, checks blood pressure and heart rate, and asks further questions about the patient’s medical history and lifestyle.)

Doctor: Overall, your vitals look fine, and your medical history is reassuring. However, I want to get a clearer picture with the blood test results. We’ll call you with the results once they are available.

Patient: Thank you, Doctor. I appreciate your thoroughness.

Doctor: You’re welcome. It’s my job to ensure you’re in good health. If the headaches or fatigue persist, don’t hesitate to reach out. In the meantime, make sure to stay hydrated, eat a balanced diet, and get enough rest.

Patient: I will. Thank you for your advice, Doctor.

Doctor: It was my pleasure. Take care, and I’ll be in touch soon with the test results. If you have any concerns in the meantime, don’t hesitate to call the clinic.

Patient: I will, Doctor. Thank you again. Have a great day.

Doctor: You too. Goodbye.

Patient: Goodbye.

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