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  1. 0. Video de Bienvenida
  2. 1. Cómo expresar posesión
  3. 2. Auxiliar Would
  4. 3. La cocina
    3 Cuestionarios
  5. 4. Los animales
    1 Cuestionario
  6. 5. La naturaleza
  7. 6. Wh Preguntas
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  8. 7. Países y nacionalidades
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  9. 8. Auxiliar Debe
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  10. 9. Adverbios de frecuencia
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  11. 10. El Hospital
  12. 11. Comprensión lectora – Abraham Lincoln
  13. 12. Términos matemáticos
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  14. 13. La Oficina
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  15. 14. Lista de Adjetivos
  16. 15. Auxiliar Debe
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  17. 16. Internet
  18. 17. Auxiliar Mayo
  19. 18. Poder auxiliar
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  20. 19. Frases cotidianas
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  21. 20. Caracteres especiales
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  22. 21. Tráfico
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  23. 22. Comprensión lectora – Fijación de objetivos
  24. 23. Adverbios de tiempo
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  25. 24. Lista de Verbos
  26. 25. Futuro Perfecto
  27. 26. Preposiciones de tiempo
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  28. 27. Finanzas personales
  29. 28. Pasado Perfecto
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  30. 29. 29. Vocabulario en diferentes niveles
  31. 30. Uso de la palabra Mean
  32. 31. Cómo usar Rather
  33. 32. Cómo usar Actually
  34. 33. Futuro Progresivo
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  35. 34. Adverbios de Modo
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  36. 35. Presente Perfecto Continuo
Cuestionario 14 of 23

Read the following dialog and answer the questions:

Customer: Good morning. I’d like to make a hotel reservation, please.

Hotel Receptionist: Good morning! Absolutely, I’d be happy to assist you with that. May I know the dates you’re planning to stay and how many people will be in the room?

Customer: Sure, I’ll be arriving on the 15th of August and checking out on the 20th. It’ll be just me in the room.

Hotel Receptionist: Great! We have rooms available for those dates. Let me check our options for you. We have a standard single room with a queen-sized bed or a deluxe room with a king-sized bed. Which one would you prefer?

Customer: The deluxe room with a king-sized bed sounds perfect.

Hotel Receptionist: Excellent choice! Your reservation for a deluxe king room from August 15th to August 20th is confirmed. Can I have your name and contact information to complete the reservation?

Customer: My name is John Smith, and you can reach me at 555-123-4567.

Hotel Receptionist: Thank you, Mr. Smith. I have your reservation all set. Just to confirm, you’ll be checking in on the 15th and checking out on the 20th, correct?

Customer: That’s correct.

Hotel Receptionist: Perfect. Your reservation is confirmed, and we’ll be expecting you on the 15th. Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Customer: That’s all for now, thank you. I’m looking forward to my stay.

Hotel Receptionist: You’re welcome, Mr. Smith. We look forward to welcoming you to our hotel. If you need anything during your stay, don’t hesitate to let us know. Have a wonderful day!

Customer: Thank you, you too. Goodbye.

Hotel Receptionist: Goodbye, Mr. Smith. See you soon!

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