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  1. 0. Video de Bienvenida
  2. 1. Materiales y texturas
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  3. 2. Sentimientos y emociones
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  4. 3. Verbo To Get
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  5. 4. Rasgos de personalidad
  6. 5. Lista de verbos
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  7. 6. Más verbos frasales
  8. 7. Entonces – Ninguno
  9. 8. Superlativos
  10. 9. Algunos – Cualquiera
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  11. 10. Palabras relacionadas
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  12. 11. As Vs Like
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  13. 12. Expresiones comunes
  14. 13. Preposiciones de lugar
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  15. 14. El orden de los adjetivos
  16. 15. Nunca Vs Siempre
  17. 16. Alimentos e ingredientes
  18. 17. Voz pasiva
  19. 18. Cómo utilizar Even
  20. 19. Las divisiones geográficas y el Gobierno
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  21. 20. Ejercicio de comprensión lectora
  22. 21. Cómo utilizar Just
  23. 22. Frases impersonales
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  24. 23. Entonces – Porque
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  25. 25. Adverbios de lugar
  26. 26. El Universo
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  27. 27. Cómo utilizar Pero
  28. 28. Etiqueta Preguntas
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  29. 29. O – O
  30. 30. Almacenes, edificios y viviendas
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  31. 31. Adverbios de grado
  32. 32. Formas de asesoramiento
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  33. 33. Comparativos as – as
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  34. 33. Verbo Usar
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  35. 34. Condicionales
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  36. 35. Conectores
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  37. 36. Sustantivos en plural
  38. 37. Atención al cliente
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Cuestionario 9 of 22

Prepositions of Place

Read the following passages and answer the questions correctly: 

Passage A: 

The French Revolution, spanning from 1789 to 1799, was a defining moment in history that marked a significant shift in political, social, and cultural dynamics. Triggered by widespread discontent over the monarchy’s oppressive rule, economic inequality, and fiscal mismanagement, the revolution led to radical changes in France and reverberated across the world.

The Revolution witnessed the rise of different revolutionary phases, each characterized by distinct ideologies and events. The monarchy was overthrown, leading to the establishment of the First French Republic. Revolutionary fervor led to reforms in education, law, and the abolition of feudal privileges. The Reign of Terror, symbolized by Robespierre’s leadership, resulted in widespread political repression and executions.

The French Revolution profoundly impacted the course of history, inspiring the spread of revolutionary ideas, nationalism, and calls for social justice. It also sparked conflicts with neighboring monarchies, as other European powers sought to contain the revolutionary ideals. The revolution’s legacy is complex, as it showcased both the potential for societal transformation and the dangers of radicalism spiraling into chaos.

Passage B:

The echoes of the French Revolution continue to resonate in our contemporary world, leaving an indelible mark on political thought, human rights, and social progress. The concepts of liberty, equality, and fraternity championed during the Revolution have evolved into foundational principles that guide modern democracies.

The Revolution’s advocacy for human rights and the rule of law laid the groundwork for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, shaping the global commitment to individual liberties and justice. The impact of the French Revolution can be seen in the establishment of constitutional governments, checks and balances, and the pursuit of inclusive political representation.

Additionally, the French Revolution has served as a cautionary tale about the dangers of extreme ideologies and the importance of managing change responsibly. The excesses of the Revolution underscore the need for a balanced approach to reform, emphasizing stability and respect for diverse viewpoints.

In essence, the French Revolution’s legacy reminds us that societal transformation is possible, but it requires careful consideration, dialogue, and a commitment to safeguarding human rights. The pursuit of a just and equitable society, inspired by the lessons of the Revolution, remains an ongoing journey that shapes the path of progress in our modern era.

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