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Read the following passage and answer the following questions.

What Jessica did yesterday

Yesterday, I woke up early and had breakfast. Then, I went to the gym for a workout. While I was exercising, my phone rang, and it was my friend inviting me to the movies. I told her that I couldn’t go because I am studying for my English exam. After the gym, I walked back home and found my sister cooking dinner in the kitchen. She was making spaghetti, one of my favorite dishes.

Later that evening, we all sat down for dinner and talked about our day. While we were eating, my dad mentioned that he will be traveling for work next week. He will be attending a conference in another city. My mom asked if he has booked his flight, and he replied that he will do it tomorrow.

After dinner, I cleaned up the dishes while my sister was watching TV. I told her that I am going to meet my friends for lunch tomorrow and asked if she wanted to join. She said she can’t because she is going to a yoga class in the morning.

As the night went on, I finished my English studying and decided to relax by reading a book. My friend called again, and I told her that I will go to the movies with her next week when my exam is over.

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